Friday, October 24, 7 pm at AFA Gallery
Remember when Bon Jovi frosted the tips of his hair?  Or when Nikki Sixx was presumed dead under a fallen stage light?  Amye Archer does.  With her older sister, Jennie, as her tour guide, Amye came of age during the height of the late 80’s and early 90’s hair bands.  Men who wore glam makeup and strutted the stage in feather boas and tight leather pants were her sex symbols, the men who graced the walls of her teenage bedroom.  In her first full-length poetry collection, Bangs, Amye shows us a slice of adolescence through the hazy lens of Aqua Net hairspray.  Bangs is more than a book about hair.  Bangs is a book about sex, love, and divorce.  But mostly, Bangs is the story of the music that shapes our lives.
On October 24th, beginning at 7pm on the 2nd floor of the AFA Gallery, Amye will be reading from Bangs. Also reading will be:  Marnie D. Azzarelli, Bailey Bloyd, and Allison Ranieri.  There will also be dramatic renditions of hair band songs.

Amye Archer is a writer and teacher living and working in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  She holds an MFA from Wilkes University, and is a recipient of the Beverly Hiscox Scholarship.  Her writing has been published in Nailed Magazine, PANK, PMS: Poem Memoir Story, Hippocampus Magazine, Boston Literary Magazine, and elsewhere.  She is the author of two chapbooks, No One Ever Looks Up published by Puddinghouse Press, and A Shotgun Life published by Big Table Publishing. Her one-act play, Surviving, was produced locally in 2012.  She has read for various magazines including PANK, Quiddity, and Hippocampus.  Amye is a Libra, a lover of cats, a devout follower of politics, mommy to Samantha and Penelope, and a partner-in-all-things to Tim.

This event is free and open to the public.  Parents of young children should exercise caution, as there will be strong language and mature themes.


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