Nick Shotwell at Camera Works August


“Parting Shots” – Photographs by Nick Shotwell

Opening Reception: Friday August 1, 2014 6pm – 8:15pm
For more information:

Nick Shotwell Show Comments

The title of the show is “Parting Shots” as far as press-release details about the show:

-I would say the short description is-

“Double-exposure photographs taken with reckless abandon, Examining the distance between us”

-The long description is-
As time goes by i have realized just how damaging art can be, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Especially when someone invests so much of themselves into what they create… For the photographer, some photographs can become more powerful over time, whether they produce positive reactions or negative ones. They can take us back to something wonderful that we had nearly forgotten, or serve as a cold reminder of what we have lost and wish we still had. I had no idea when i began this project that this is what it would become – a time capsule chronicling the people who came and went throughout the past five years of my life. My work is both a blessing reminding me of how close we were and a curse showing just how far i am from you. Let me show you the distance between us.- Nick Shotwell

random facts:

-All photographs are taken with a panoramic plastic camera sold by lomography called the “sprocket rocket” and every one was lovingly printed in the darkroom. No digital alterations have been made, save for those scanned and resized for PR purposes.

-I have been working on this series of portraits for about five years.


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