Buck Henri & Rich Nolan @ The Butternut Gallery

Buck Henri & Rich Nolan: 
Paintings & Wood Creations

Butternut Gallery & Second Story Books is happy to present the exhibit BUCK HENRI & RICH NOLAN-PAINTINGS AND WOODEN CREATIONS, opening June 14. Henri’s work includes intense portraits of Sicilian Buttercups and other poultry, while Nolan’s three-dimensional objects comprise walnut and cherry wood joined in seamless execution of the artist’s elegant designs.


Everyone is welcome at an opening reception for the artists on June 14 from 4-6 p.m. Please join us!


The exhibit will continue at the gallery through July 6, during normal hours, Wednesday through Saturday, 11-5.




Rich Nolan’s career as a mechanical engineer and fiber optic component designer honed the skills which now inform his wood-working technique-a careful eye for detail, a pared-down sense of design and a respect for the native qualities of the material. His designs are complex, yet never fussy. Rich’s objects in the current exhibit are made principally of walnut and cherry. Of this choice he says, “Aesthetically, the two species complement each other and allow me to paint with two tones.  Functionally, they exhibit comparable workability, conducive to a reliable assembly.” Nolan notes that his self-developed technique for seamless joining involves conventional woodworking tools and a great deal of hand sanding.




On a zanier note, Buck Henri describes his work in this exhibit as, “Big Chickens and one Big Duck …..Quackie Frackers! Inspired by my encounters with the local chickens when buying eggs…and firewood…. and Fancy Chickens from the “Book” and every County Fair….Taking them and all of their attitude to the next plateau!” His colorful pencil and pastel-based paintings provide an apt and up-close look at these objects of fascination.





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