AFA Gallery – June First Friday

AFA Gallery: Iron Maidens

With the Arts on Fire festival kicking off at the historic Scranton Iron Furnaces, AFA is proud to host Iron Maidens, an exhibition of sculpture and drawings by British and American female sculptors who work in cast iron. The Iron Maidens are Simone Bizzell-Browning, Sarah Clover, Felicia Glidden, Cynthia Handel, Kate Hobby, Dilys Jackson, Justine Johnson, Deborah LaGrasse, Coral Lambert, Alison Lochhead, Carrie Phoenix, Tamsie Ringler, Theresa Smith and Julie Ward. The exhibition was curated by welsh sculptor Dilys Jackson.

AFA Upstairs: Keystone Iron Works at the Scranton Iron Furnaces: Casting the Future with an Eye on the Past

This exhibition shows a glinpse of the past 5 years of Keystone Iron Works and the Arts on Fire Festival. The featured photographs are by Alex Seeley, Lynn Larusso, and Denis Yanashot. Curated by Alex Seeley and Melissa Carestia.


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