ECCE at AFA April First Friday


Keystone College Senior Exhibition
Opening Reception: First Friday, April 4th 2014, from 6pm-9pm
AFA Gallery: 514 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA
Artworks Gallery: 503 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA

Keystone College senior artists are proud to announce that their annual senior exhibition will be hosted by the Artists for Art Gallery and the ArtWorks Gallery on First Friday in Scranton, PA this April.
This year’s Exhibition features the artwork of the 23 Keystone College senior artists in various disciplines including drawing, painting, printmaking, graphic design, photography, book, ceramics, sculpture, and glass. After years of learning, preparation, and countless hours spent in the studio, the AFA and Artworks Galleries will open their doors on April 4th and remain open for the rest of the month to showcase the artwork of these talented Keystonians together in one last group exhibition. Simply entitled “Ecce” (a Latin term meaning to look, behold, or observe), this night will celebrate the artist’s efforts to look deeply for inspiration and then behold and observe the avenues in which they have chosen to portray those inspirations through various media and styles of beautiful visual art. These artworks are a culmination of the exhibitor’s dedication to grow from students to artists, and each of the series of works serves as their capstone, or thesis experiences. Most importantly each series of artwork speaks to who the students are as artists, and who they have the potential to be and achieve in the future.
The exhibiting artists and their media include:
Justin Borsdam; (Sculpture)
Brittany N. Cardona; (Graphic Design)
Sara Cortazar; (Painting)
Melissa Cruise; (Painting)
Christian B. English; (Graphic Design)
Marissa P. Gable; (Photography)
Dustin S. Goff; (Book/Ceramics)
Becca Jett; (Sculpture)
Jessica Johanson; (Sculpture)
Jeremy M. Ladner; (Painting)
Hannah M. Leizear; (Glass)
Ashley Malahosky; (Printmaking)
Krystle C. Mauro; (Photography)
Caitlin Moran; (Jewelry)
Caitlin A. Mullally; (Ceramics)
Christiana G. Nevers; (Sculpture)
Trent M. Petriello; (Sculpture)
Samantha R. Petrosi; (Painting)
Janelle L. Rought; (Book/Photography)
Reese Scott; (Drawing)
Morgan M. Scudder; (Painting)
Brian M. Toda; (Glass)
Chelsy A. Zelasko; (Glass)


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