‘Abstract Landscapes’ by Brooke Wandall at ArtWorks


‘Winter Scene’,oil and house paint on canvas, 48 x 48

Abstract Landscapes
Brooke Wandall
May 3 – 35, 2013

Please join us on Friday, May 3, from 6-9 PM, for the opening reception of
‘Abstract Landscapes’, recent paintings by Brooke Wandall.

Brooke Wandall, is an abstract painter from Newton Ransom.  She says about her work, “When I paint, I become a completely different person. Maybe I have multiple personalities but when I paint, all the chaos in life fades away. I can focus when otherwise focusing is a chore.  Every painting is its’ own experience. I’ve been finding such unique ways to call a painting my own: scraping, digging, pushing, letting the paint drip and experimenting with different mediums (some that dry fast and some slower). Really every painting is its’ own experience held together as a series by similar paint marks and colors.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 11 AM – 5 PM
Saturday, 11 AM – 3 PM
Events are free and open to the public.
http://www.artworksnepa.com             570.207.1815


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