‘Time & Landscape’ – Kathe Frantz at AFA Upstairs

The AFA Gallery will host a solo exhibition of Callicoon, NY artist, Kathe Frantz’s oil paintings.  Time & Landscape will be on exhibition on the second floor of the AFA Gallery from April 4-27, 2013.
Of her work, Frantz says, “It is likely that we cannot trust the truth of what we think we see.  What appears to be seamless ‘reality’ is constructed partly by memory and other ‘fills’ of cognitive structure—vision is a virtual sense.  Not complete at all and subject to lively optics.  We see compositions embedded with other fragments of days, time, and places when we look at something.  In my recent work, I paint in oil colors, with the most saturated pigments I can find, to convey something that, in my mind, approaches optical truth and another interpretation of visual.”

Please join us for an opening reception on First Friday, April 5 from 6-9 PM at AFA Upstairs.


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