March at the AFA Gallery


Please join us on Friday, March 14th from 6-9pm for our opening reception of work by Donald Forsythe & David Green. Also at AFA Upstairs, Visions of Music: Live Music photographs by Dino Perrucci and Allison Murphy. There will be a featured live musical guest, Hook Herrera.

David Green is a sculptor and artist from North Eastern Pennsylvania, and describes his work as a exploration of line and form, volume and space, that crosses back and forth between abstract and figurative. He has been sculpting for over forty years, specializing in direct carving.

Donald Forsythe is a printmaker, also from North Eastern Pennsylvania . The pieces for this exhibition were all produced from two Powers Irish Whiskey tins that Forsythe found washed up on a beach in Ireland, and almost no editing was used in the production of the works. He describes his work as an attempt to find and make meaning from these cast aside objects.

AFA Upstairs

Allison Murphy is a rising star in the world of musical photography, and her love for music shows prominently in her work. Allison received her BFA from Parson’s School of Design, and has since photographed artists such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Missy Elliot. Murphy currently holds an official photographer of HeadCount, a grassroots organization focused on registering voters and raising social consciousness through music.

Dino Perrucci is an artist from Merrick, Long Island, with a career that spans nearly three decades. Dino has photographed events such as Fashion Week in Milan, NYC, Paris, and Iceland, but his chosen field is music photography. He is currently a house photographer for the Capital Theatre in Portchester, NY, as well as several other venues and locations.


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