‘Points of Attraction” by Scot Kaylor at the AFA Gallery in January


Please join us on First Friday, January 4th, for the opening reception of ‘Points of Attraction’, by artist Scot Kaylor at the AFA Gallery from 6 to 8 PM.
Kaylor lives and works in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his works which include prints, drawings, and photographs have been extensively exhibited and commissioned internationally, and are represented in numerous private collections and publications.

When asked of his work, he says,  “I have a great love and respect for a variety of materials and the interaction of their surfaces, colors and textures. I often employ found materials because of their rich tones – the patina of their earthly existence. Scavenging for these materials satisfies the archaeologist in me, and the primeval urge to hunt. I frequently experiment with new media, materials and techniques in the course of my work, in order to be challenged. By throwing myself off balance technically, I avoid falling into creative routines. The work I make tends to display my passion for detail – connections are frequently nucleic points of convergence in my sculpture. I believe full comprehension of one’s contemporary environment is an absolute necessity; it provides the vocabulary one needs to make contact. Artists thrive in the state of flux where culture exists. Even as I remain fiercely loyal to the ideas and issues that are central to my work, my work continues to change over the years, dialectic expressions always of the same voice, with changes only in tenor.”


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