Mark Chuck at Marywood

Mark Chuck: Fisherman

Tray with Yunomis (3), porcelain clay, hand-built, pressed, altered

Other Gallery
Sep 04, 2012 – Oct 14, 2012

Mark Chuck: Fisherman — 11 ceramic works (sculptures and functional objects) are on display in the first floor lobby of the Shields Center for Visual Arts. Mark is the technician for the ceramics studios at Marywood University and Keystone College.

Mark Chuck received his Bachelor of Visual Arts degree from Keystone College with a concentration in Ceramics where he developed an expertise in ceramic sculpture. While at Keystone his hard work and talent earned him the Scotty Neuroth Memorial Award from the Division of Fine Arts, the Katherine O’Dea Van Deusen Scholarship for the Arts, and he was the first student recipient of the F. Lammont Belin Arts Scholarship, a prestigious honor awarded in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Since then, Mark has exhibited his work regionally at Keystone College in La Plume, the Artists for Art Gallery and The Laura Craig Gallery in Scranton, and the Lizza Studio Gallery (formerly) in Tunkhannock. Nationally he has exhibited at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance and at several commercial galleries in New England. You can find Mark working in the ceramics studio here at Marywood. For more information about Mark’s work, visit:

Artist Statement: I am, and have been, an avid fisherman. In translating my love of fishing and nature into clay (my prefered medium), I find immense sense of satisfaction and challenge. My current body of work explores the unique characteristics of clay, one of which is the way that clay can take on the impressions of different materials.

Using the plaster molds I make from the fish I catch as a tool (like a potters wheel), the fish is free to take on as many shapes I desire. I manipulate the piece by pressing, pulling, and playing with shape, being careful not to disturb the outer texture of the fish skin.

The imagery and colors of my work are more about the surface of the fish then the shape of the fish, capturing the essence of what a fish actually is. Every fish sculpture I create is individually hand-built and one–of–a–kind.


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