April 2012 Gallery Sitter News and Thank you!

Warm spring “Thank you’s” go to the following Gallery Sitters:
Our two exhibiting artists: Ann Marie Ciccarelli, Heather Martyak.  Congratulations to you both for an outstanding show!
Also, Lori Ryan, Gretchen Ludders, Micahel Sorrentino, Beth Burkhauser, Mary Grace Yanashot and Sue GuzickTHANK YOU ALL!

REWARD:  no one is required to gallery sit for the month of APRIL because the Keystone College Senior Art Majors are both exhibiting and gallery sitting!  The gallery, FYI, will be open extra hours go on the Afa Gallery website or blog to find out the hours:  www.artistsforart.org   or  artistsforart.org.blog.html
Please renew your membership, indicate how you wish to volunteer  and also think about -a nd sign up for sitting in May.  The volunteer Committee is tring to organize vounteers through givegab.com.  Log on and sign up if you wish to volunteer.

Happy Spring!
Beth and the Afa Board.


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