News from Moscow Clayworks . . . .

 Andy Gardner’s Wood-fired Ceramics

“Kisses and Kiln Gifts”

Opening reception: April 15th. 6-9pm

Andrew Gardner was born in Chicago in1937 where he was raised. He attended college and graduate school in Ohio, and then lived, worked and made art in New York City for 30 years until he and his wife, the writer Trebbe Johnson, moved to northeastern Pennsylvania in 1999.

He has worked in many creative arenas, having studied painting, bronze casting, and film production in graduate school and etching in Madrid, Spain. He taught printmaking and photography at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. Prior to his moving to Pennsylvania he was working as a book designer, and had been the art director at a medical publishing division of CBS Publications prior to that. He journey in ceramics began in 1991 concurrently with his more public work in bent willow furniture, which he exhibited up and down the east coast at juried craft shows.

The current exhibit, Kisses and Kiln Gifts, represents the culmination of 20 years experience, and in particular work with wood-fired ceramics from the most recent years.


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