Sugar: a borrowed landscape . . . at the Connell Building, Scranton

The Pop-Up Studio invites you to bring one cup of sugar to their space at the Connell Building on Friday, January 21, at 8 PM in a container that they promise to return at a later date, to be added to their landscape.

The Pop-Up was established by a new association of young creative professionals inspired by Scranton and the whole of Lackawanna County: the people who live here, its history, its buildings, and all its potential. We are artists, designers, and thinkers committed to highlighting the extraordinary life Scranton has to offer.

We will host an event every month. Each month the event will “pop-up” in a new location with a new date and time. These gatherings will be part art happening, part social networking project, and part relaxed gathering of friends old and new. The experiential works we make will be designed specifically for each venue and with consideration to readily available, recycled or donated materials, resources, and spaces.

The Pop-Up Studio’s Mission: To engage the public in unique participatory, spatial, and formal works creating singular sensory experiences based on the qualities of the venue and the milieu of the surrounding neighborhood.

To highlight and bring together the opportunities, resources, and people pushing Lackawanna County forward.

To create an imaginative space where people can challenge their conceptions of art in playful and experimental ways.

We invite you to get involved in our projects. Our mission needs broad community support. The Pop-up Studio’s goals will be impossible to realize without the participation of community members to help us situate our projects, accumulate materials, assemble ideas, and bring together new groups of people.

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