Paul Neilsen Wins Youshock Award at AFA

Jewelry artist Paul Neilsen was awarded the first Youshock Award at the First Friday opening of the Holiday Member Exhibit at the AFA Galley on December 2nd.  The Youshock Award was established in memory of Paul Youshock, Jr., who was the son of Paul and Judy Youshock and who died recently.  Judy Youshock is a founding member of AFA and is a former president.  She is also the inspiration and founder of the First Friday event in Scranton.

The Youshock Award is to be awarded annually to an exhibitor in a member exhibit at AFA.  Tax-deductible contributions to the Award fund in memory of Paul Youshock, Jr., can be made by forwarding them to the AFA Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, PA 18503.


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