‘Comments’ – drawings by Susan Kendrot at the AFA Gallery

‘Comments’, ink-wash drawings by Susan Kendrot will be exhibited at the AFA Gallery from September 1st through September 24th.  Please join us for a reception on First Friday, September 2nd, from 6-9 PM at the AFA Gallery.

Much of Susan’s current work stems from emotions evoked by certain newspaper, magazine, book, TV and movie images. The works are not representative of any one individual, culture, race or nation, but are comments on our reactions as humans to situations within or beyond our control.

Many of the figures are enraged: most are in pain. Has some terrible injustice or horrific misfortune befallen them? Have they been robbed of health, savings, dignity, freedom? Is the anger from frustration or that fanned by rhetoric? The viewer is left to determine what is represented and its possible cause.

The technique used in producing these drawings is the same as that used to produce a monotype plate but the image is made with Chinese ink on a non porous paper which becomes the finished product. This surface allows the ink to be brushed on and wiped off with various tools, cloth, fingers, q tips, adding and subtracting ink as required to achieve the desired effect. It is an immediate and direct approach reflecting the character of the images.

Susan Kendrot lives with her husband, Dick, in Windsor, NY and works from her studio in Johnson City, NY.  She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a former teacher in the Windsor School District.


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