A Closer Look: Jamiolkowski, Mayhle & Pavelka at Butternut Gallery

Some artists’ work invites you to take a closer look at the world around you. The Butternut Gallery & Second Story Books welcomes three such artists, ELLEN JAMIOLKOWSKI, ELIZABETH MAYHLE & IVANA PAVELKA for an exhibit of Jamiolkowski’s clay and found object sculptures, Mayhle’s abstract pencil works and Pavelka’s painterly photographs. The exhibit will be on view from August 20 through September 14, with an opening reception for the artists on Saturday, August 20, from 6-8 pm. Everyone is welcome. The gallery is currently open summer hours, Wednesday through Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm.

The artists on their work:

Ellen Jamiolkwski:  “I work with clay, creating sculptures based on my own personal stories. I was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania and, being surrounded by nature all my life, it has become an endless source of inspiration for me. I incorporate found objects that I’ve collected into my sculptures. I also impress some of these found objects into the clay creating interesting patterns and textures.”

Elizabeth Mayhle: “Rarely does a person slow down to really scrutinize the vast array of hues and tones that characterize their lives. Instead they dismiss the intricate, ever-changing, mysterious blend of myriad colors with monosyllabic classifications like “red,” “blue” or “green.” In my work, I invite the viewer for a more intimate look at this subject, providing a means of exodus from a “Crayola-mindset” and an entrance into the realm of saturation, transparency, nuance and transition.”

Ivana Pavelka: “This collection of photographs focuses on views into the woods–tree trunks, branches, light and movement transform what might have been realism into painterly images.”


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