Creativity, Cocktails and Mingling at the Hawley Silk Mill

Creative Cocktail Hour: An Art on the Edge Feature Event

Hawley Silk Mill

The organizers of the Art on the Edge exhibit at the Hawley Silk Mill would like to cordially invite you and your staff to attend the Creative Cocktail Hour feature event every Friday night from 6 to 8 p.m. through Sept 9.

The Creative Cocktail Hour will take place at the Art on the Edge Exhibit floor in the newly remodeled 5,000 square foot space of the Hawley Silk Mill. Come out this and every Friday to mix and mingle at the largest contemporary art exhibit in the Pocono Lake Region with this week’s featured artist, arts patrons and community supporters like you.

The cost of this event is a mere $10 and will be collected at the entrance of the exhibit.

We look forward to sharing an evening of art and exploration at Hawley’s premier art exhibit Art on the Edge.



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