‘The Art of Dance and The Music of Art’

The Blue Heron Gallery Presents ‘The Art of Dance and The Music of Art’ from August 12 to December 12, 2011.  The Opening is Friday, August 19, 5-11

The Blue Heron Gallery in Wyalusing, PA is presenting a show of art this summer and fall exploring all things related to dance and music.  As with many other Blue Heron shows, this exhibit will incorporate poetry with the exhibit and both the images and the written expressions will be included in a beautiful full-color catalog.  We are planning one of our special openings on Friday, August 19 that includes the poetry reading, dance performances, instruction and live music for social dancing.

For visual artists, please submit up to five entries before July 10.  Please send them in j-peg e-mail form along with the titles, medium and price to me at bkeeler@epix.net.  The images must be related to the theme in some significant way.  There is however no restriction on date of execution, which is to say that older works are perfectly fine to submit. There is also no restriction on size.  You must however, have all the work that is accepted clearly labled on the back, with your name, title, medium and price.  The work must be wired and ready to  hang. The entry fee of $35 paybable to the Blue Heron Dance/Music Show must be mailed to the gallery at the time of e-mail entry  (July 10.).

For poets, please submit up to five poems  before July 10 that express or represent dance and or music.  The entry fee for poets is $20 and the submissions should also be sent to bkeeler@epix.net.  The entry fee should also be made payable to the Blue Heron Dance/Music show and mailed before July 10.

Delivery date for accepted artwork will be on or before Monday, August 8.  If you have questions, please e-mail Brian Keeler or call 570-746-1187.


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