Photographs by Bernie Andreoli and Rolfe Ross at Camerawork Gallery

Camerawork, Scranton’s only photography gallery, located in the Marquis Gallery at 515 Center Street, Scranton, PA  is proud to present  Random Moments, a show of  recent photographs  by Bernie Andreoli and Rolfe Ross.  The exhibit will continue until March 30, 2011.

Most people walk by these street scenes and never give them notice…oblivious to the art that is happening around them.  For some people…street photographers…these random moments are found art, exciting the senses and compelling them to capture that brief, soon to be gone forever moment.

Rolfe Ross and Bernie Andreoli have been enjoying photographic adventures together for 15 years.  These images are some of the product of those adventures.   Everything and everyone at any time is subject as they roam the streets making their art.


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